** Please call for Interior Services **

** Sorry, due to the size and limitations of our wash process, we cannot offer services to the following vehicles:

  • Large SUVs
  • Pick-Up Trucks
  • Mini Vans

Express Ceramic Detail Spray and Clay Bar

This wax is applied after wash process and provides a great gloss and light scratch cover-up on all types of paint surfaces. Time necessary to complete 30-45 minutes.

Cars – $59.99
Small SUV – $64.99
Mid SUV – $69.99

Polymer Paint Sealant

This is a Teflon fortified paint sealant great for extreme shine and lasting paint protection. Time necessary to complete 1- 2 hours.

Cars – $199.99
Small SUV – $209.99
Mid SUV – $229.99

2 Step Polish, Clay Bar and Wax

This process is meant for vehicles with faded or lightly scratched paint surfaces to restore beauty and shine. Time necessary to complete 2 to 5 hrs.

Cars – $229.99
Small SUV – $239.99
Mid SUV – $259.99

Ceramic Coating

This is the newest paint protection and is available for all types of vehicles. Ceramic Coatings provide an unparalleled liquid chemical resin coating to prevent paint from all types of environmental attacks to your paints surface. It provides enhanced color and depth, reduces dirt build up and surface scratches, and can give years of protection to your automobile investment. Time necessary to complete 24 hrs. to 36 hrs.

Cars – $649.99
Small SUV – $699.99
Mid SUV – $749.99